We are pleased to welcome Dr Tanya Stemmet to our team of Doctors.   Did you know if you're aged between 40 to 74 and do not have an existing medical condition, you are entitled to a free NHS Health check? - please contact the surgery for details . You are also now able to book appointments and order repeat prescriptions on-line - call in to reception with photo id to register for this service

Manston Surgery

Cross Gates & Scholes

Patient survey 2013/14

This survey is based upon the results from last year and the areas you asked us to improve.

Please help us to provide you with an improved service.

Your comments are very important because they will be used to help us develop a better service for all of our patients. We would therefore be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to answer some questions about your experience today.

Please read the questions below and tick the appropriate box or use the space provided to give us your comments. Any information you provide will be kept strictly confidential.

The survey will only take a few minutes.

We are particularly interested to know how our service affects patients in your demographic group – i.e age, ethnicity, employment status etc.

Thank you in advance for completing this survey.

Section One: Access to our services

In this section we’re trying to get an idea of how people feel about accessing this practice’s services.

1. How easy did you find it getting through on the telephone to book your appointment for today?
Difficult, I was in the queue a long time
Satisfactory, I didn’t have to wait too long
Easy, I got straight through
Does not apply, I booked it in person

2. If you needed an urgent appointment were you seen within 24hrs?
No, but I booked a telephone call
back from the GP
Not applicable as my appointment
was not URGENT

3. For any appointment you have recently booked:-
3a. Did you know that you could book an appointment up to two weeks in advance?
3b. Did you ask to see a named GP?
3c. Were you able to book an appointment that met your requirements?
3d. If No, why were we unable to satisfy your requirements?
We had no available appointments at all
We had no appointments available at a time and date that suited your needs
I did not want to see another GP when offered
I did not want a telephone consultation when offered
I was told to ring back at 8am on another day to see the GP I wanted to see
I did not want a telephone consultation when offered
Other, please give the reason why

4. The opening hours of the practice are 8am to 6pm Mon-Fri at Crossgates and 8am-12noon Mon-Fri & 4pm-6pm Mon, Wed & Fri at Scholes.
Are you satisfied with the opening hours of the practice?

Section Two: Information, advice and service

The information that people have access to is really important in helping them to manage their health.
We want to find out what you think of the information we provide.

1. How would you like to access this type of information? (tick all that apply)
From a nurse or doctor
Notice board / Poster displays / leaflets
Television screens in reception
Practice leaflet
Patient newsletter
On the website
Other, please specify

2. Thinking of your most recent visit, did you find speaking to the receptionists: -
Easy, they saw to me straight away
Satisfactory, I had to wait a while to speak to them but not too long
Difficult, it was busy and the receptionist couldn’t hear me easily
Difficult, they were all busy and I had to wait a long time
Difficult, there was no-one on the desk when I arrived
Not applicable, I used the automated check in system

3. The way I am treated by the receptionists is: -

4. The quality of the letters I receive from the practice is: -

5. Do you have a long term condition / chronic disease e.g. asthma, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, mental health issues: -

6. Do you receive regular communications asking you to attend for a review of your long term condition?

Section Three: About you

We would be grateful if you could give a little bit of information about you as this will help to make sure we target people’s needs more effectively.

Please be assured that all information provided will be collated so your responses remain completely anonymous.

1. Gender: -

2. Age group: -
Under 21
22 - 30
31 - 45
46 - 60
Over 60

3. Ethnic origin: -
Asian or Asian British
Black or Black British
Dual ethnicity
Other ethnic group

4. How are you most likely to access the services of the practice?
By calling into the surgery
By telephone
By using the website
By letter

5. Please add any further comments you wish to make about the practice.