I need to make a routine appointment with a doctor or nurse

Tel 0113 260 5884

We have an appointments system and try and make space every day for
those who need to be seen. You may choose which doctor you prefer to
see until the doctors appointments are full. This does not have to be the
doctor that you are registered with.

For some problems it may be best for you to see our Nurse Practitioner,
Phyllis Laws. The receptionist can advise you.

If you wish to see the Nurse, please give the receptionist an idea of what
it is for since she can then make the appropriate length appointment.
(You do not go into any detail, just mention “dressings”, “holiday
injections”, “smoking counselling”, etc).

If you need to be fitted in as an emergency please let us know and even
if the appointments are all full we will fit you in with one of the doctors.
This will be with the next doctor available and since it is being fitted in
around the normal surgery it is likely that you will have to wait.

All urgent cases will be seen within 24 hours and most non urgent cases
will be seen within 48 hours. You can however, for routine matters,
book an appointment up to 14 days in advance.

In return we request that you ring for an appointment before 10.30am if
you wish to be seen the same day.

Please also cancel any appointments you cannot keep as early as possible
so that time can be made available to someone else.

Please request emergency or urgent appointments only when absolutely

Please bear in mind that an appointment is for ONE patient only. If
more than one person needs to be seen, they need to make a separate

We try to see patients as near as possible to their booked appointment
time but please appreciate that waiting times may be beyond our control
if the doctor is called out on an emergency, or at times of peak demand.
Please attend the surgery punctually, since if you are not there at the
time of your appointment, this could cause further surgery delays.

Information on coronavirus

For information on the coronavirus outbreak please go to the page on coronavirus on NHS.UK or the information on Gov.uk