I want a repeat prescription

We do have a computerised repeat prescription service designed to help those who are on regular long term, unchanging medication.

If this is suitable for you, your doctor can arrange this, but you must see the doctor first to discuss this and to work out how often you need to come to the surgery to monitor your condition or to check that all your medicines are still right for you.

As a result of this you can only obtain repeat medications for a limited period and the computer will not print another prescription until it has been re-authorised by the doctor. This usually means that you need to see the doctor in the surgery. When you get your prescription, any items that need re-authorising will say so on your order form and this will need to be sorted by the time you ask for your prescription again, or delays will result.

We will have your prescription ready in 48 hours.

This system is designed for your convenience and safety, but cannot therefore cope with changes to your medication, which need to be discussed with the doctor. It is not designed to cope with requests for treatment for new or temporary illnesses.

Delays will occur, both to yourself and to others, if you misuse the system by requesting items that are changed, need re-authorising, or are not on your list, without first discussing this with your doctor.

We cannot accept requests for repeat prescriptions over the phone, except for those who are housebound. If you have any difficulties, many of the chemists run prescription ordering services, so ask your pharmacist for information.

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