I wish to be seen by the doctor today

Please telephone 0113 260 5884 or call into our reception desk. You will be offered the next available appointment unless you make it clear to the receptionist that you feel you need to be seen urgently on the day you are telephoning. Please ring as early in the day as you can so that we can help you more easily. We do have cancellations during the day but we also add additional slots to meet demand. At busy times you will need to see whichever doctor is available. These extra slots usually involve you sitting and waiting since you are being fitted in around the normal appointment times. Please give the receptionists as much information as possible so that they can make sure you are seen. Do remember that this may disrupt the normal surgery, therefore, try to plan well ahead for routine or less urgent appointments.

Information on coronavirus

For information on the coronavirus outbreak please go to the page on coronavirus on NHS.UK or the information on Gov.uk